Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Because it's hot!!!

When the temps climb and you feel as though you're melting, there's only one way to cool off...water.  And I don't mean drinking it (although you should do that too).  I'm talking about submerging yourself in refreshingly cool water.  And lucky for you, there are a few places to do just that here in Prague!

"Na Stírce" in Praha 8 - Kobylisy
Hey, it may get a bit crowded, but it's outdoors, offers a pool for the kiddies, and is close to home...

Koupaliště Na Stírce 
Pod Statky 14 
Praha 8 - Kobylisy 
182 00 Praha 8 
+420 776 342 111 

Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon
The Letňany pool  complex offers a swimming pool, water slide, whirlpool, sauna, fitness center, solarium, and snacks all under one roof.   On a sunny day we'd much rather be outdoors, but it's nice to know we have this all year long and on a hot sunny day it's a great place to cool off without risking a sunburn.

Aquacentrum Letňany Lagoon s.r.o. 
Tupolevova 665 
180 00 Praha 9 
+420 283 921 799 

Aquapark Barrandov
With both an indoor and outdoor pool, as well as slides, this place makes me wish I could go this very moment.  They've got a swimming pool, whirlpool with massaging jets, water slides, wild river, beach volleyball, outdoor pool, pétanque, a wellness center, refreshments, and more!  

 Aquadream Barrandov 
Sídliště Barrandov 
Wassermannova ul. 
152 00 Praha 5 
+420 251 550 259

(PS, these pics are not my own... I have yet to visit these facilities but you bet I'm doing so, and soon!!!)

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