Friday, August 13, 2010

Charity Photo Exhibit at the Municipal House - Don't Miss the Works of Photographer Angelo Purgert

Don't miss this amazing opportunity to see photographer Angelo Purgert's work at the Municipal House.  Sunday (August 15th) is the last day of the exhibit so get over there ASAP!
The First Republic was a period of style, decency, romance and gentlemen (a period that I would like to see brought back if I do say so myself).  It is this period that inspired Angelo Purgert, who in his photographs combined, in an entirely original manner, the First Republic style with a touch of present times.

The photographs presented at this charity photo exhibition were taken in Prague's important First Republic locales, such as the Municipal House, hotels Ambassador, Imperial, and Paris; cafes Slavia, Louvre, Imperial and Adria.  Locations, naturally, also include Myšák, the First Republic confectionery, and the National Technical Museum, as well as the streets of old Prague and various parks.

The exhibit will allow you to travel back in time to the beginning of the last century and enjoy the atmosphere of that time time.  The exhibit will end on August 15th, culminating in an auction of the displayed works.  All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Children's Home in Dolni Počernice, Prague.  To ensure the greatest possible financial aid for the children's home, all participants in the project have selflessly agreed to give up their royalties.  

Angelo Purgert was born in 1965 in Prague.  The beginning of his career was, thanks to his father, linked to the legendary Flexaret camera.  His photographs have been published in foreign publications, commercial and advertising materials.  He co-operated on the concept of the book entitled, "The Best of Prague", which has been published in eight languages, to which he also contributed photographs.

Sat & Sun 10-6 pm
Municipal House Clubrooms, Namesti Republiky 5, 111 21 Prague 1

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