Friday, September 3, 2010

Brussels' Flower Carpet comes to Prague this weekend

If you're in Prague this weekend (Sept. 3rd - 5th), Old Town Square will be covered in a carpet of blooms.  Yes, blooms.  Blooms as in tens of thousand of live flowers!  

A picture, specifically designed for Prague, will take up 500 square meters and will be made of some 150,000 Begonias that will be imported to the city.  Begonias offer a wide variety of color so expect this flower "carpet" to be spectacular!  They don't use the entire flower, rather just the petals, which are manually collected one day before the carpet is installed.  This botanical tapestry is the work of Belgian architect Marc Schauteet.

Flower carpet in Brussels
The floral tapestry is a traditional part of the decor of Brussels' Grand Place and is displayed every second year.  This carpet is very rarely seen outside of Belgium, and to date, has only been exhibited in Warsaw and Israel. 

This flower carpet tradition originates in Brussels.  The first flower carpet was made in Brussels in 1971 on the initiative of the city's then mayor after the pattern of some smaller Belgian towns. It attracts some 100,000 tourists annually.  

If you're there, please send me your photos and thoughts on the flower carpet.

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