Friday, October 29, 2010

Prague is one of "The World's 10 Most Divine Cities"...but we already knew that!

I was just reading Frommer's online and saw they have a slideshow of "The World's 10 Most Divine Cities" so I decided to take a look.  Secretly I was hoping that Prague would be listed because it's such a ridiculously beautiful city, but then again maybe I'm biased.  Well, it is indeed listed...and I'm sitting back smiling.

Here's what Frommer's says:

The Czech capital of Prague may have one of the most diverse examples of historical architecture in Europe.

Where to Go:  The early 20th-century Jubilee Synagogue in Jerusalem Street is a colorful and eclectic mix of Art Nouveau- and Moorish-style architecture.  The Staranova Synagogue (or Altneuschul) was originally built in 1270, making it one of the oldest synagogues in Europe.  Although many parts of the building have been rebuilt, services are still conducted there today.

The imposing Church of Our Lady Before Tyn dominates the Old Town Square and features a striking Gothic facade with a Baroque interior.  St. Vitus Cathedral is another commanding Gothic structure and features the burial sites of Bohemian saints, nobility, royalty, and political leaders.
Photo Caption:  Jubilee Synagogue in Prague.  Photo by Rhys Alton/Flick