Monday, October 25, 2010

Survey says that our lives revolve around the pub...I'll cheers to that!

If a survey claims it then it has to be true, no?  According to a survey by the public opinion institute CVVM, "pubs are hubs of Czechs' lives."  So although a ton of restaurants, clubs and fitness centers have recently opened, we still prefer to spend our time in a pub.  To be precise, some 40% of Czech men frequent pubs as compared to 27% who regularly visit restaurants.  "On the other hand, a mere 1% of Czech men are regulars of confectionaries," (um, can't say I'm surprised by that one).

Thus, a pub is the most popular place for Czechs to socialize at.  "The main reason to go there is to have a chat with friends (97%), to socialize, and to have a better mood (90%)."  

Fun facts:
- Beer is drunk by 90% of Czech men and 50% of Czech women.
- The average per capita consumption of beer is 160 liters in the Czech Republic.
- Men drink beer most frequently 4 times a week, women twice.  However, 23% of men drink beer daily.
- Only some 16% of Czechs do not visit any pubs or restaurants

So all this being said, beer please!!