Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did you say gilded silver & 200 precious stones?

I must be drawn to precious gems and stones because whenever I hear about an exhibit that involves "shiny things", I just can't resist!

Here's the article from the Prague Daily Monitor:

Prague Castle to exhibit unique St Maur reliquary

ČTK | 
Prague, Nov 8 (CTK) - The rare Romanesque reliquary of St. Maur made of gilded silver and gilded copper and decorated with almost 200 precious stones will be put on display at Prague Castle, the presidential seat, from November 24, David Sebek, from the Presidential Office, told reporters yesterday.
The National Heritage Institute (NPU) has lent the reliquary, which was found in Becov na Teplou, west Bohemia, 25 years ago has been on display in the Becov chateau since 2002, to Prague Castle.
The reliquary will be shown in the late Gothic Vladislav Hall in the Old Royal Place at Prague Castle until February 27, 2011.
The reliquary of St. Maur was made on the order of the Benedictine monastery in Florennes, Belgium, for the relics of St. Maur, St. Timothy and St. John Baptist in the first quarter of the 13th century.
It later got into the ownership of Alfred de Beaufort-Spontin. The Beauforts collaborated with the Nazis and had to leave Becov and Czechoslovakia after World War Two. Before they left, they hid the reliquary under the floor of the castle chapel.
It was uncovered after a strenuous search by a team of detectives in 1985.
The restoration of the unique artifact started in 1993 and was completed in 2002 when the reliquary returned to Becov. It is placed in a glass case in a special vault with its own air-conditioning.
The restoration cost over ten million crowns.
The reliquary will return to Prague Castle after ten years. It was displayed there dismantled into parts for two months in 2000 when the restoration was still underway.