Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Romance is a Ball

You've heard me say it time and time again...Prague is a magical place.  And although most of us prefer spring to the biting cold of winter, there's something very enchanting about the city when it's coated with a fresh dusting of snow and filled with the scent of fireplaces burning.  Darkness sets in early, but the street lamps cast a warm glow over the historic buildings and cobblestoned the way for horse-drawn carriages carrying ladies and gentleman dressed in gowns and tuxedos.  Where are they off to dressed so divinely?  To the Ball, of course!

'Tis Ball Season in Prague, and January through March is when most of the balls talk place.  

The Ball Season brightens up the dark winter nights at Prague's grandest venues, including Lucerna Palace's Marble Hall, Žofín, and Národní dům na Vinohradech. 

Žofín Palace
The famous composers, Antonín Dvořák and Bedřich Smetana took their turns on the dance floor here

Lucerna Palace's Marble Hall
Lucerna was Prague's first multipurpose complex from the beginning of the 20th century - it is one of the best known of Prague's cultural "palaces"

Národní dům na Vinohradech (National House of Vinohrady)

Majakovsky Hall
The biggest and most spectacular historic hall in the National House of Vinohrady, named by Russian poet Vladimir V. Majakovsky

Shall we waltz?