Friday, February 4, 2011

A world of dreams and fantasy where time is suspended

Once Upon A Time...

In ancient Prague, 
Somewhere in a magnificent baroque palace...

A dreamy carnivale night,
Full of fantasy, music, delicious food and joy...

A shine of twinkling lights,
In the middle of dazzling costumes,
Floating in sounds of baroque melodies...

The great dancers, music masters, charming primadonnas,
Amazing saltimbanques and actors of Emperor's Court,
Will be your noble society
on the mysterious carnevale...

Dear Madame & Monsier,
You are cordially invited to attend an exclusive event inspired by the magical tradition of Prague bohemian carnivals.  This unique, prestigious ball is an elegant and graceful interpretation of the magnificent 18th century...a time when beauty and elegance were an integral part of our lives.

Two-hundred exclusive guests will be enchanted by the fantastic atmosphere of the gorgeous baroque Clam-Gallas Palace on Prague's King Road, which brings you into a world of dreams and fantasy where time is suspended.

To purchase tickets and for additional information, please visit:
**A historical costume is required**

 Clam-Gallas Palace
This Baroque pearl, one of the most beautiful palaces in Prague, is situated in Old Town on Husova Street.  It was built by Italian architect Domenico Carnevale in 1713, and is a place where splendid balls and concerts took place in the 18th century, attended by both Mozart and Beethoven.