Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Belated Name Day, Drahoslava, Libuše & Amálie! Všechno nejlepší k svátku!

On Saturday, July 9th, we honored Drahoslava.  Happy Belated Name Day, Drahoslava!
The name Drahoslava is the feminine form of Drahoslav, which is derived from the Slavic elements dorgu meaning "precious" and slav meaning "glory".

On Sunday, July 10th, we honored Libuše & Amálie. Happy Belated Name Day, Libuše & Amálie!

The name Amálie is a variant of Amelia, which is a blend of two medieval names:  the Latin Emelia and the Latin-German Amalia.  Its meaning is "industrious, striving; work".   

 The name Libuše is an Old Czech name that is derived from the adjective libý, the base of which is Slavonic ljub meaning "love; lovable".