Monday, July 25, 2011

House Insignia of the Day Revealed

How did I let so many weeks go by before revealing where this is and what it symbolizes?  Oh yes, it's summer.  I loooovvveee summer and try to enjoy every minute of it, sometimes at the expense of my blog.  Please forgive this beach bum.

So, any one out there recall seeing this during one of your strolls through Prague?

This is The Golden Stag located at Tomášská 4 in Mala Strana (Lesser Quarter).  The work of Baroque sculptor Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff, the sculptor of the Visitation of St. Hubert, was commissioned by Jan Kaspar Friedrich, owner of the house at that time.  

Ferdinand Maxmilian Brokoff

According to legend, St. Hubert was an Aquitanian nobleman greatly devoted to the chase until one day his path was crossed by a stag with a gold cross between his antlers, at which point Hubert realized that it was a sign from God.  He turned from the material world to the spiritual, becoming a priest and later a bishop of  Liège in the Ardennes of Belgium.  Since then, St. Hubert has been traditionally regarded as the patron of foresters and hunters.

Familiar with this beverage?
Well, now you know what the logo references!

Tomášská 4