Sunday, September 18, 2011

Beer Me

I don't know what it is but today I'm craving a good pilsner.  And so it is that with a great pilsner within my reach, I bring you to a wonderful Czech beer hall style pub in the heart Prague.  One that has retained its old world charm and hasn't become a tourist spot.  Sure there will be tourists on any given day/night...can't really escape them ...but somehow they have managed to remain a favorite spot with the locals.  Oh, and did I mention they brew their own beer?   Uh huh, yes, indeed they do.  A pub that brews it's own pivo, serves good food, and is a favorite haunt amongst locals in the heart of the city - there is a God!


U Medvídků dates back to 1466 and for over 500 years the building served as a brewery until the former malt house was converted into the present day beer hall in the 20th century.  The history of brewing is still retained in the form of a small microbrewery.



The beer at U Medvídků flows plentifully and is reasonably priced.  Although I'm a pilsner girl, be sure to try  their famous unfiltered amber lager Oldgott (rich in minerals and B vitamins so drink up!) and their newer 1446 pale lager.  

Definitely be sure to order their infamous X Beer 33 - it's a dark, bittersweet lager that ferments for 6-months in an oak barrel and has an alcohol content of 11.8%.  Bring it on!

Address:  Na Perstyne 7, Old Town, Prague 1