Monday, October 17, 2011

Fresh produce and souvenirs all in one place at Havelský trh

Havelský trh (The Gallus Market)

No one loves an open-air market more than I do.  There's just something about it that draws me in...makes me happy.  I never walk away without fresh cut flowers and forest fruits, and I adore watching the local babický choosing their produce for homemade meals.  


My favorite open-air market in Prague is Havelský trh (The Gallus Market) - it's located on the square of the former St. Havel's Market (originally called the New market in order to distinguish itself from the Old Town Square market).  

These markets are also a great place to find gifts - artwork, lace runners and tablecloths, toys, etc.  Lots of unique handmade wares can be found...and also lots of not-so-homemade items (look for the Made in China sticker if in doubt!).  I suppose it does help if you know the language, but at the end of the day if you truly love something, and if it will always remind you of your time in Prague and make you happy, then buy it.

It's good luck to have a witch in your kitchen - you'll cook better! 

Mmmm, lázeňské oplatky (spa wafers) - found in a number of Czech spa towns, but those from Karlovy Vary are the most famous.  They are large, round, thin and delicate wafers that come in many flavors (my favorite is dark chocolate) and you can buy them boxed like this or get them fresh from a street vendor who will even warm them up for you - now that's sinful! 

If I didn't have my grandmother's hand knit runners, tablecloths and coasters, I'd be all over these.  They just add a touch of romance...

During my last visit to this market I fell in love with a amazing necklace (děkuju Maminko! xoxo) and it's also where I bought my bomber hat one very cold winter.  So next time you pass by an open-air market, stroll through and enjoy - you never know what you may find!

Havelský trh
Havelska, Praha 1