Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tuesday's House Insignia of the Day Revealed - The Three Standard-Bearers

The figures of three men, most likely cavaliers or standard-bearers, appeared in the gable of the building during its Renaissance remodeling in the latter half of the 16th century.  The current appearance of the standard-bearers, painted on metal sheets, dates from the 19th century.  However, the tale of the three comrades-in-arms that they are supposed to represent is of a much more recent date, and hence most probably inspired by the insignia itself.  There once lived in the house, as the story goes, three standard-bearers, all inseparable friends.  Nonetheless, each served with a different regiment, and when the men were called up to war, they had to be parted - yet they promised one another that if any of them were to fall in battle, he would by some means strive to let the others know.  Months passed; two of the comrades returned in good health from the war, yet the third still remained missing.  That is, until one night his ghost appeared to the other two, and prophesied their own rapidly approaching ends.  To avoid the evil prediction, the two living friend left military life behind and entered a monastery.  Yet to no avail; within a year, death had overcome them both.

Today, the building is home to Cream & Dream, an Italian-style ice creamery, cafe and chocolate shop, with locations all over the world including Venice, Paris, New York, Tel Aviv and Tokyo.

Location:  Husova 12, Old Town