Thursday, November 10, 2011

Sweet 'lil baby...

It has been a while since I've been to the Prague Zoo, but an article I just read in the Prague Daily Monitor is going to change that.  

Here's the story...

Prague zoo's baby gorilla rejected by mother, stays in incubator
ČTK | 10 NOVEMBER 2011

Prague, Nov 9 (CTK) - The young gorilla that was born in Prague's zoo has stayed in an incubator since its mother rejected it on Tuesday evening, zoo director Miroslav Bobek told journalists Wednesday.

The keepers originally pondered trying to return the offspring to Bikira, the gorilla mother who gave birth for the first time last night, but they eventually dropped the idea because the young's temperature always dangerously plummeted outside the incubator.

Bobek admitted the young may have been born early.

"Now it is a patient," he said, adding that the baby gorilla will start being fed with milk.

The Prague zoo has discussed the situation with some European zoos that have similar experience.

With time elapsing since the young's birth, its chances of being accepted by its mother have declined.

The zoo is pondering what to do next, if the young survives and leaves the incubator.

"The Kama scenario would be the worst of all," Bobek said, alluding to an orangutan that was born in Prague in the 1970s and raised by the keepers at home. As an adult ape, Kama felt better together with people rather than orangutans.

Bobek said there exists a "kindergarten" for young gorillas rejected by their mothers, where the babies can spend time together with peers. If no other integration chance emerged for the newborn gorilla, Prague may send it abroad, Bobek said.

The keepers expected problems to accompany the motherhood of Bikira, as she was raised by people.

Expert Marek Zdansky said it is strange that not even other gorillas among the Prague group showed interest in the newborn young. This may indicate that the young is not in order, he said.

Bikira, the mother, was born in 1995 in Amsterdam. She was gradually raised in Stuttgart and Belfast, from where she came to Prague in 2010. Apart from her, the Prague group includes other four females, the male Richard, and three young, all born to female Kijivu.