Thursday, May 17, 2012

Music under the stars

So the Czech Beer Festival started today and takes place at  Vystavyště Holešovice (Prague Exhibition Grounds), which you probably already know if you read my previous post.  But did you now that Vystavyště is also home to a spectacular work of wonder and one of my favorite places to visit?  Yep, hidden behind this beautiful building 

is a fountain, but not just any fountain, this fountain...

Křižík's Fountain was designed by and named after Czech engineer František Křižík, the electrically illuminated Křižíkova Fountain was the centerpiece of the 1891 General Land Centennial Exhibition held in Prague, which was then part of Austria-Hungary. Today, the Fountain is equal parts attraction and stage. As the backdrop for a 6,000-person amphitheater, it hosts dance performances, classical concerts, and other events, some of which are performed on various platforms within the fountain.