Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Prague Uprising of 1945

Commemorating the 67th anniversary of our uprising against Nazi dictatorship.

The Prague Uprising was an attempt by the Czech resistance to liberate the city of Prague from German occupation during World War II.  Events began on May 5, 1945, during the last moments of the war in Europe.  At about 1 am, armed Czech resistance fighters overwhelmed the Waffen-SS defending the radio buildings. The radio announcer broadcast a call to the Czech nation to rise up and asked the people in the streets of Prague to build barricades. Elsewhere, Czech resistance fighters occupied the Gestapo and Sipo Headquarters. 

The uprising lasted until May 8, 1945, ending in a ceasefire the day before the arrival of the Red Army and one day after Victory in Europe Day, known as V-E Day or VE Day.

Residents & defenders of the Prague Uprising barricades greet the Red Army tanks on May 9, 1945