Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Stroll Through Praha...Part I

Any day is a good day for a stroll through Prague, but a Friday that happens to be a holiday means the city empties out, which in turn makes for a perfect day to walk around.

Václavské náměstí (Wenceslas Square)

Hotel Ambassador Zlata Husa (Wenceslas Square) was built in 1920
As the name suggests, the hotel consists of two parts - the history of the first is quite straightforward in comparison to the history of the second, which is a bit funny...

The owner of the hotel was a rich widow, who had a young yet extremely unattractive and silly daughter.  The daughter was already of marrying age, but despite her assets she remained single. She never married and for that she was known in Prague by the nickname "Golden Goose" (Zlata Husa).

In 1964 both hotels were joined together and their modern history begins...

The National Museum ...founded on April 15, 1818

 View of Wenceslas Square from in front of the National Museum

One of the many stops I had to make was to this charming shop, located through a pasáž (passage) off Wenceslas Square

Can it be any cuter?  I think not!

 Surround me with fountains and I'll be a very happy girl

Ovocný trh - an outdoor market selling everything from fruits & vegetables to souvenirs, artwork, and leather goods.  I discovered my new favorite handbag maker. Made by hand, no less.  Um, yes, of course I made a purchase, and I'm contemplating deciding on another one.  

My new Kubat.  Love.
 I also couldn't resist a new one of these:

Gorgeous flowers caught my eye

Never even knew there was a tearoom in this courtyard...

That's another thing I love about Prague - all the nooks and crannies waiting to be discovered