Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Designblok 2013 - What A Girl Wants

That time of year is here!  No, not the time of year when we start to get ready for the holiday season, but the time of year when I return to my "roots", as I call it. Yes, I am in CZ again and eager to consume Prague in one fell swoop...

and that starts with sparkly shiny things

Designblok 2013 is happening now through Sunday and part of it includes presentations by fashion and jewelry designers.  Not only are these items on display, but there is also a pop-up shop!  Yes, a pop-up shop...and I hope to walk away with a unique creation as my heart has fallen in love with pieces by Zorya.
I should (and I will) go to the art exhibits, too...but can't a girl start with sparkly things first?