Saturday, March 21, 2015

Check out Little Czech Republic

So I'm flipping through the pages of the March issue of Food Network Magazine and I get to an article entitled Small World..."You can eat like a globe-trotter without leaving the States:  Check out Little Denmark, Little Ethiopia and more." Now I love me some "little" village à la Epcot Center (does Epcot even still have European pavilions!?).

Anyway, I turn the page to read on and BAM!  Little Czech Republic jumps off the page and smacks me in the face.

I was giddy.

So this Little Czech Republic is in West, Texas.
It is so rare to see Czech restaurants outside of the Czech Republic that it was like staring into the face of a long lost cousin.  Something about this photo stirs up feelings of nostalgia for me... memories of homemade Czech meals prepared by Babicka.

I love how the sign out front says "BEER" and that it's larger than the other sign.  So Czech!  I mean, we love out beer so it makes perfect sense.

Thank you Picha's Facebook page... I am stealing this photo so I have something to share
with my readers.  Please forgive a fellow Czech.

The article reads:

"Czech immigrants settled in Texas in 1880, and more than a century later, many of the restaurants and residents of West, TX, are still Czech." (Why couldn't they settle in a place like, oh I don't know, HAWAII!?!).  Anyway, moving on... "The city sits between Dallas and Austin, and road-trippers love stopping at Czech Stop (104 South George Kacir Dr.) for a kolache, a traditional stuffed yeast roll.  The 24-7 spot is known for its classic flavors, like fruit or poppy seed, while Gerik's Ole Czech Bakery (511 West Oak St.) is famous for its klobasnek, a savory take on the same pastry.  You can find recipes for kolache and other Czech favorites in the rows and rows of cookbooks at Olde Czech Corner Antiques (130 North Main St.).  At the end of the day, you should head to Picha's Czech-American Restaurant (220 North Main St.), an Eastern Europe-meets-West diner where you can get pierogi - or chicken-fried steak.

Again... BEER.  Warms my heart.

No BEER, but I'll take Meat Market. Also warms my heart.

I am intrigued by Olde Czech Corner Antiques.  Was all ready to virtually browse the shop but...NO WEBSITE!  Argh.  I may be taking a trip to West, TX.  I go to the real thing all the time so why am I so intrigued by this Little Czech village in TX? 

Found this pic on the town's website...Discover West