Monday, November 23, 2015

ACK! Only 36 hours?!

36 hours in Prague would make me a very sad girl....the city has so much to see and do that I can't even begin to imagine only having 36 hours.  But, alas, if this were the case, here is what The New York Times suggest one do:

I myself am not familiar with all of these places he suggests, except I do know the bar Zlý Časy quite well...and even posted about it a while back:

Bad Times Call for Great Beer

Must try these places suggested by Michael.  Must post my own version of what to do with only 36 hours.  Yeah, now there's an idea!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

Off the Beaten Path in Prague

Karlin is a great neighborhood in Prague... one that many tourists probably don't get to see unless they're curious and like to explore.   I, for one, prefer to head off the beaten path and venture into neighborhoods that aren't filled with souvenir shops and folks shoving pamphlets into my face of tours they offer.  If you don't venture out, you miss experiencing what life is like for those who live in the city... what the residential neighborhoods consist of... and what makes them special.

The New York Times had a good article on Karlin... a neighborhood in Prague 8

Another great article that will tell make you want to visit Karlin is