Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trading in my Human for a Robot

Who needs a human spouse when you can build one to your liking?  

Hmmm, hang on, something about this is quite appealing.  I envision romance and towels hung back up after showers and more romance and, "yes, my love..."  Although it's just too artificial,  One would surely get bored, no? One would surely realize said robot was programmed to their liking and that the entire relationship is a fake.  But perhaps, for some, that would not matter.  Perhaps, some would be happy, and isn't happiness what we all strive for?

For those of you in London, go see  Love, sex and marriage...with a robot? at The British Academy on February 3rd "...for an evening of activities from talks to performances, as we explore the future of romantic relationships."

Is this REALLY our future??