Saturday, December 23, 2017

Czech Apps, Cookies, Carp...and The Golden Pig

Thank you, Tres Bohemes, for your post about what us Czechs eat at Christmas.  As my mouth waters and I wipe drool off my chin, I compose my grocery list.  Chlebíčky are on my Christmas Eve dinner table yearly.  

Now if only they'd sell carp curbside where I live....

Veselé Vánoce everyone!

PS, don't forget to take a walk after Christmas Eve dinner in search of The Golden Pig (zlaté prasátko).  Custom dictates that those who are able to fast all day and hold off on all of the deliciousness until evening will see The Golden Pig in the evening.

I say those folk have just indulged in the egg nog a wee bit...

Photo from Tres Bohemes