Tuesday, July 6, 2010

July 6 marks Jan Hus Day in the Czech Republic. Den upálení mistra Jana Husa

Today marks the 595th anniversary of the death of Jan Hus, a 15th century priest, reformer, and religious thinker who was burned at the stake by civil authorities as a heretic.  July 6th is a National holiday in the Czech Republic, with religious services held throughout the country commemorating Jan Hus's legacy.  President Václav Klaus attended a service held in Prague's Bethlehem chapel, where Hus preached.  Hus was a key predecessor to the Protestant movement of the 16th century, and his teachings had a strong influence on the states of Europe, most immediately in the approval for the existence reforming Bohemian religious domination, and, more than a century later, on Martin Luther himself.

Jan Hus monument in Old Town Square

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  1. Thanks for reminding of the story behind the statue. I just found your blog. I've visited Praha twice and can't wait to return!