Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wondering where to get cheesecake in Prague? Look no further than Sweet Life Bakery

Sweet Life is a small family-owned bakery that recently opened in Prague 10...and they're already getting rave reviews for their delicious baked goods!

Sweet Life offers traditional Czech desserts as well as internationally known delicacies, such as cheesecake and tiramisu.  They use only the freshest natural ingredients and recipes handed down from generation to generation...sweets just like grandma used to make!

Cookies, brownies, birthday cakes, pies, strudel, muffins, quiches...mmm delicious!

Fabulous cakes and pies are available for every occasion and made-to-order so be sure to place your order today!  

Some of my favorites are the Czech delicacies...

Ovocný koláč (fruit pie)

Jablečný závin (apple strudel)

Švestkový koláč (plum cake)

Additional cakes and baked goods...
Custom made cake

Carrot Cake


Mini Apple Pie


Linecké cukroví s marmeládou / Shortbread biscuits with marmalade



Contact info:
eric@sweetlife.cz  tel.: +420 731 563 956 
jana@sweetlife.cz  tel.: +420 604 484 058
 Address:  Řipská 1144/3, 110 00 Prague 10

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