Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Traditional Czech Christmas Cookies...and Sweet Life Bakery!

Christmas just wouldn't be the same without cookies!  Cookies are a big part of a Czech Christmas, and some traditional ones are butter (or linzer) cookies with marmalade (linecké koláčiky), vanilla crescents (vanilkové rohlíčky), bear paws (medvedi tlapicvky), and gingerbread cookies with icing (perníčky).

Linecké koláčiky

Vanilla crescents (vanilkové rohlíčky)

Bear Paws (Medvedi Tlapicvky)

Gingerbread (perníčky) - these are too pretty to eat!

Albeit delicious, it takes time to bake several varieties of these cookies, and although most people stick to tradition and make the time to do so, there are some that are just too busy.  If you're one of those that just doesn't have enough time to bake but still want to ensure that your family enjoys traditional Czech Christmas cookies, then let Sweet Life Bakery do the baking for you!  Sweet Life uses only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes to ensure that you'll be proud to have their homemade creations on your Christmas table. 

Sweet Life offers a wide variety of Christmas cookies - these are just a sample of their delicious offerings...

Wasps Nest (vosí hnízda)

  Linecké s čokoládou


 Ořechové s čokoládou

Vanilkové rohlíčky 

 Mrkvové cukroví

Kokosové kuličky



 Sweet Life's variety package (available in 1 kg or 1/2 kg package)

Sweet Life will be taking orders until December 10th.  Orders can be ready starting December 15th.  For any orders needed before December 15th, a 5-day advance notice is needed.

For additional information or to place an order please email either or or call +420 604 48 40 58 or +420 731 56 39 59.

Visit their website at