Friday, October 24, 2014

Czech Music... we're not all Folk

Did you ever stumble upon something and get super excited like a child that just found out that there is no bed time, candy is allowed for dinner, and Santa DOES exist and will bring you everything on the list you sent him to the North Pole?


Well, I just did.

I found this website

Ok, ok... for a lot of you this is NOT candy-for-dinner exciting, but for a Czech not in CZ who misses a lot of familiar songs, this is not only candy for dinner, this is being given the entire candy shop by Ole St. Nick on Christmas morning!

I will share one of my favorite Czech bands and songs with you...

Ready Kirken - select song 1+1

Am also a fan of Ewa Farna and her Mels me vubec rad hit 

And I can't forget this beauty...
Spomal by Peha 
Actually, this is such a great song that you should listen to the entire thing here: