Thursday, May 17, 2018

They call me Rummy

“Why is the Rum gone.” -Jack Sparrow

Yeah, I feel like that sometimes often. Don't judge.

Before reading on... make sure this plays in the background Ah Gallon ah rum

Good thing RumFest is a mere day away.  Rum cocktails, rum on the rocks, rum neat, rum-from-the-bottle, rum shots (ok, perhaps not shots), but an adundance of rum in my glass whilst at a great locale on the waterfront?  I say run, run, run to drink rum.  

Rum what!?:  A magical beverage that turns one into a pirate 

Rum when!? May 19th

Rum where!?   Žluté lázně (translates to Yellow Spa.  Literally).

Rum how?! Buy your tickets here

Rum why?!  Because it is rum.  No further explanation necessary.

I am quite the fan of Mount Gay Extra Old, and recently I have discovered indulged over-indulged in a Hawaiian rum called Ko Hana (well, sugarcane was introduced to Hawaii in 1841... and they do make a mean Mai Tai) so it makes sense there would be a rum worth indulging over-indulging in.

And then there is Don Papa.  I like anything called Don Papa.  I just want to say Don Papa over and over and over again. Don Papa Don Papa Don Papa small batch rum from the Philippines.  "Now available in New York!"   Good to know cause I just schlepped my ass to Asia for this stuff.

Let me know if you drink either at RumFest....